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The virtuous circle

Cumulus Conference June 3-7, Milan

The virtuous circle

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Design comes out of the interaction between a practice, which seeks to change the state of things, and a culture, which makes sense of this change. The way this happens evolves with time: practices and cultures evolve and so do the ways they interact; and the attention that is paid at different moments to one or other of these interacting polarities also evolves. In the current period of turbulent transformation of society and the economy, it is important to go back and reflect on the cultural dimension of design, its capacity to produce not only solutions but also meanings, and its relations with pragmatic aspects. Good design does not limit itself to tackling functional and technological questions, but it also always adopts a specific cultural approach that emerges, takes shape and changes direction through a continuous circle of experimenting and reflecting. Because the dimension and complexity of the problems is growing, it is becoming evident that to overcome them it is, above all, necessary to bring new sense systems into play. This is ground on which design, by its very nature, can do much. Indeed, the ability to create a virtuous circle between culture and practical experimentation is, or should be, its main and distinctive characteristic. However, for this really to happen it is necessary to trigger new discussion and reflection about the nature and purpose of design practice and culture.


  • About the Organisation
    • Cumulus in Milan
    • Cumulus 25 Years!
    • A Plan for Creativity
    • Welcome to Milan
  • About the Conference
    • A Virtuous Circle for a New Design Culture
    • Nurturing
    • Envisioning
    • Experimenting & Prototyping
    • Incubating & Scaling
    • Assessing
    • Disseminating & Communicating
    • Training & Educating

Eleonora Lupo - Nurturing Culture Nurturing Design

Maresa Bertolo - Earthsploitation. Game Design Research and Experimentation for Food Sustainability

Chiara Colombi - Culture-Driven Meta-Products: Prototypes to Support a Culture-Intensive Design Practice

Lucie Decker - Rethinking about Fashion Design Towards Cultural Sustainability

Loredana Di Lucchio - Research Vectors in Design and Arts. An Inductive Approach to Mapping Academic Design Research Experiences

Bianca Elzenbaumer - Precarious Designers and the Transformative Potential of Biopolitical Production and the Commons

Han Han - New Approach to Look into Strategic Design for Luxury Brands. From Pedagogy of Multiliteracies to Design for Brand-Consumer Communication

Renata Marques Leitao - Constructing a Collaborative Project between Designers and Native Actors: an Example of the Collective Articulation of Issues

Tina Moor - Silk Memory

Francesca Piredda - In a Garden. - Designing Gardens Through Storytelling

Solen Roth - Northwest Coast Artware: Beyond the Use of Indigenous Images as "Logos"

Francesco Scullica - Hotels Interior Spaces: An Example of Cross Fertilization

Ajanta Sen - In the Cycle of Nourishment, the Role of "Time" in Constructing Culture: Is It Food from the Supermarket or Is It Food from Mother Earth?

Paola Trapani - The Whakarare Typeface Project: When Culture-Specific Visual Design Brings Elements of Universal Value

Francesca Valsecchi - Cultural Translations as Design Capability. Lessons Learnt from the European-Asian Encounter in Understanding and Creating Embedded Meanings

Giulio Ceppi - Assets and Topics of Design for Envisioning

Angus Donald Campbell - A Framework for Socio-Technical Innovation: the Case of a Human-Powered Shredder

Patricia Duignan - Dr. Who? The Science and Cultural Politics of Medical Wear Design

Wouter Eggink - Design Storytelling with Future Scenario Development; Envisioning "The Museum"

Francesco Galli - Re-Futuring the "Vicious Circle". The Power of Anomaly and Debris to Envision a Chaotic Design System

Jason Hobbs - The Firma Model: a Meta-Framework for Design Research, Strategy and Critique

Caroline McCaw - Representing Landscapes: Understanding the Role of Art and Design in Mediating a Culture of Seeing New Zealand Landscapes

Minqing Ni - A Curatorial Proposal for Envisioning Contemporary Chinese Architecture

Marina Parente - Design, Identity and Sensemaking: a Fertile Approach for Small Territories

Thomas Pausz - Substitutions

Markus F. Peschl - Designing and Envisioning a Desired Future by Emergent Innovation of Meaning

Ilse Prinsloo - The Changing Strategies within Design for Retail Stores

Massimo Bruto - Randone Envisioning: Knowledge or Imagination?How an Italian-Global Medium Size Company Designs Progressive En/Vision Plans, Activating Cultural Assets. The Vibram Case Study.

Lisha Ren - New Challenges and New Strategies of Developing Traditional Handcrafts

Carla Sedini - Don't Reinvent the Wheel: a Design Driven Agenda for Cultural and Creative Industries

Marco Spadafora - Objects are not Slaves. Envisioning an Aesthetic Approach to the Design of an Interactive Dialogue with Objects

Virginia Tassinari - Telling the Stories of Design for Social Innovation: Towards an Ecology of Times

Banny Banerjee - Experimenting and Prototyping by Design. A Changing Phenomenology

Camilo Ayala Garcia - The Basis of Processes - Experimenting with Food to Re-Shape the Industry Language

Amanda Bill - Making Things Happen: Experiments in Prototyping from a Hospital Design Lab

Patrizia Bolzan - Designing Through Additive Manufacturing: Present and Future Discussion

Clare Brass - Chicken Run: A Chicken-Centred Design Research Project

Susan Carden - Social Selfhood: Designing a Practice-Led Strategy for Leveraging Episodic Memories to Improve end of Life Care

Fatima Cassim - Design Activism: Redefining the Designer-Client Relationship?

Szu-Yang Cho - A Rehabilitation Game App Platform for Elderly Dementia Patients: the Use of Design to Address Problems in an Aging Society

Rosita De Lisi - Participative Design and Experimentation. New Approaches of Design in Uruguay

Leslie Forehand - The Prototype as Product: Designing a New Business Model for Future Designers

Gabriele Goretti - RED4MART: Reverse Engineering for Manufacturing Digital Archive to Enhance Advanced Craftsmanship Know-How and High-End Manufacturing Traceability

Ayelet Karmon - Socially Conscious and Environmentally Minded: A Design Process

Lin-Chien Lee - Timing to Apply Generative Design - Mp3 Speaker as Practical Example in Design Teaching

Steven McCarthy - Three Experimental Books and their Allohistorical Approach to the Future

Alison Mears - The Integral City: Design, Finance and New Urban Cultural Models in the US

Agnese Rebaglio - DIS℗LACE A Co-Design Process to Build a Temporary Square in Chiaravalle Suburb

Rachele Riley - Different Data: Experimental Design Research for Mapping Cities

Giuseppe Salvia - Design in the New Do-It-Yourself Age: Trialling Workshops for Repairing

Dhruv Sharma - Radicalising the Designer: Combating Age-Related Loneliness Through Radical-Digital Interventions

Mário Tavares - "Projeto Tas", Activating the Value of Cultural Heritage at Sever-Do-Vouga — The Design Process

Federica Vacca - Artisanal Advanced Design. Advanced Manufacturing Processes as a Tool to Revitalize Peculiar Italian (Craft) Productions

Andrea Valle - Residual Orchestras: Notes On Low Profile, Automated Sound Instruments

Gerbrand van Melle - Circularity: Radical Design Driven Research and Second Order Cybernetics

Cabirio Cautela - Design for Incubating and Scaling Innovation

Naiara Altuna - Developing Innovative Visions through Collaboration with Radical Circles: Slow Food as a Platform for Envisioning New Meanings

Carla Cipolla - Favela Experience: Designing Trust in a Relational Service in the Slums of Rio de Janeiro

Marta Corubolo - A Journey into Social Innovation Incubation. The TRANSITION Project

Sabrina Lucibello - Design as a Service Incubator for Social Interaction and Innovation. The "Oficina Solidaria" Model for the Rocinha Favela in Brazil

Laura Mata Garcia - Sustaining Design Entrepreneurship, is It That Different? A Visual Analysis

Annabel Pretty - Incubating + Scaling - Transitional Large Fabrication Architectural Design Propostions, in a Post Earthquake Environment

Daniela Selloni - How Design can Contribute to Infrastructuring Bottom-Up Initiatives into Public-Interest Services

Ida Telalbasic - Incubating as a Scaling Process and Scaling as an Extension of the Process of Incubating

Arianna Vignati - Entrepreneurship in the Creative and Cultural Sector

Beatrice Villari - Service Design for Social Innovation: a Community-Based Initiative for Enabling Local Enterprise

Lia Krucken - Challenges for Design Assessment

Venanzio Arquilla - Assessing European Design Policy: Towards an Evaluation Culture

Francesca Foglieni - Towards a Service Evaluation Culture. A Contemporary Issue for Service Design

Jason Kennedy - Gauging Meaningful Reference Performance in Animation and Motion Capture

Beatrice Lerma - The Sustainability and Quality of a Typical Food Product: a Multicriteria Model of Evaluation

Naudé Malan - Design and Social Innovation for Systemic Change: Creating Social Capital for a Farmers' Market

Mark Roxburgh - From Dissemination to Engagement and Action: the Ethics of Communication Design

Valeria Bucchetti - Women in the Media: Communication Design, Research and Experimentations

Elena Caratti - Communication Design for Refugee Women. A Research Project for Sammartini Polyfunctional Centre in Milan

Zhaochen Ding - Mind Your Deep Breath. Communicating Pollution Issues in China Through Visual Artifacts

Bryan Howell - Color, Trademark and Designers

Veronika Kelly - Design as a Discursive Practice: a Working Methodology for Exploring Knowledge Production in Communication Design Using a Critical Orientation to Discourse Analysis

Ann Gabrielle Maher - De__Sign, Revealing the Condition of the Mediated Body

Marco Quaggiotto - Communication of the Territory and Cartographic Interfaces. The Spatial Turnin Communication Design

Dina Riccó - Synaesthesia vs Semantics in the Visual Communication Of Food. The Encounter of Practice and New Ways of Thinking for Social Benefits

Mark Roxburgh - Visual Communication Design is the Centre of the Artificial Universe

Simona Venditti - Mediatizing Activism as a Creative Act: Social Media and the Ice Bucket Challenge Case

Luca Guerrini - Training and Educating the New Generation of Designers

Riccardo Balbo - Feeding Creativity: Shaping a Design Education Praxis Through a Socio-Cultural Study Environment Model

Spyros Bofylatos - Designing an Intensive Programme based on Service Design and Design for Sustainability

Roland Cahen - In The Circle of Education and Innovation. Teaching Sound-Design @ENSCI Les Ateliers

Marita Canina - Creativity and Design Tools as an Emotional Approach to Learning

Peter Chen - Codifying a Foundation Program in Art Design and Media: The Bauhaus Vorkurs and its Effects

Elisabetta Cianfanelli - UX Designers Education and Practice: Making Designer as Topic Connectors to Enhance Intrinsic Complex Values of Made in Italy Craftsmanship. E.Craft Joint Lab Case History at

Paulina Contreras - Capturing the Competencies of Interdisciplinary Teams with High Creative Performance

Alexandra Crosby - Collaborative Scenarios: Preferred Learning Futures for Design Education

Simge Hough - Online Reflective Interactions: Social Network Sites in Design Studio Course

Lorenzo Imbesi - The Responsible Designer: Critical Ethics in the Design Discourse

Ian Lambert - Convergence in Industrial and Craft Processes in UK Undergraduate Product Design Courses

Michael Leube - Back to the Roots: On the Positive Feedback Between Design Thinking and the Anthropological Sciences

Jin Ma - Meaning Making and the Expanding Scope of Design

Iain Macdonald - How Can Design Education Develop Intercultural Competencies for Professional Practice and Global Citizenship?

Mike McAuley - Designerly Ways of Learning Theory: Combining Creative and Scholarly Methods of Inquiry

Paul McElheron - Bridging the Innovation Gap between Design & Business Education

Massimo Menichinelli - Designing and Making: What Could Change in Design Schools. A First Systemic Overview of Makers in Italy and Their Educational Contexts

Fabien Mieyeville - Renewing Design Teaching: Learning from an Innovative Graduate Programme

Alfonso Morone - Retail Design: Objectives and Methods from a Training Activity in Tianjin

Pamela Napier - Design Facilitation: Training the Designer of Today

Dr Jill Powell - Thinking Space: How a Leap into the Unknown Improved Creative Learning

Cecilia Ramírez León - Towards the Higher Education Relevance

Graziela Sousa - Fashion Design and Entrepreneurship: a Strategic Model for Higher Education in Portugal

Myra Thiessen - Exploring How Design Students Think about Criticism: A Study Protocol

Myra Thiessen - Establishing a Rhetorical Framework for Professional Practice Through the Educational Design Studio: an Exploratory Study Protocol

Rosanna Veneziano - New Vision for Social Design: Educational Experiences


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